The expressive, contemplatives

Experimental Video - Motion

The expressives, contemplatives is an experimental video using abstract shapes and random color's association. Each screen apparition is accentuated with a sound. The story board is sober, based on contrast and colors rhythmic. Sometimes, some textured or gradients backgrounds disrupt the thread. This motion can be seen as hypnotic and meditative. Some feelings of quietness and peacefulness can submerge the viewer. Each color has its own strength, with a low or high degree of presence. Some color combination reinforces the effect on the viewer. The whole group is given to be observed with an intimate attention. Created by Nathalie Chikhi, in 2010.

HUE, site specific installation

HUE is a combination of a monochromatic wall drawings and a flamboyant floor installation. These works are responsive to one another. With a conceptual approach to lights and shadows, the flat works on paper seem to become 3 dimensional. The absence of color makes them even more quiet & abstract. At the opposite, some small arches, built using a wide array of raw colored paper, draw an energetic land. The bodies of work follow some simple principles, a fascination for simple arrangement and the application of repetitive methods.

Site specific installation at ACA, The Atlantic Art Center in New Smyrna Beach, FL. March 2 - April 20, 2013.

Materials: Paper

Size: 96 W x 144 H x 0.9 in