Machine In the Ghost

 Spiral, 2014, 35x37inches, acrylic painting on tiles

Spiral, 2014, 35x37inches, acrylic painting on tiles

Beginning of August, I was approached by Danny Olda, editor & curator based in Clearwater, FL. He is also the editor of the magazine Art At Bay

The exhibition took place in the Kirk Ke Wang Art Space in the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa & ran from Friday Oct. 3 through Oct. 18, 2014. 

He used an online statement generator to create random artists statement. Each artist created a piece or two based on the statement that was given to him/her.

Following is the artist statement that I was given.

Mid August, when I got the statement, I started thinking about the notion of languages and movements. For the duration of August, I have decided to be in my studio, daily (or at least at night, since I am working outside by day). During that time, I have worked on a new body of work which are a series of volumes and drawings. These works were ambitious and are still on-going. More I was thinking about my assignment, more I wanted a single answer, and not multiple objects. Analyzing my previous works, I have noticed a recurrent use of building material or raw material. Either, tape, brick or untouched paper. 

It happens that some of my work came to me as vision. This one appears to my mind one morning. I draw the idea & searched the Home-Depot website. I knew that I wanted to have some white tiles with some overlay painted rectangle. The colored hints will connect one tile to the next one. After a bit, I went to a real HP store, to buy the tile, since I couldn't decide online. Right there, I found some tiny white ones that were exactly what I wanted.

Back to the studio, I have installed the tiles following a spiral shape. I wanted a neat colored rectangle so I place a tape on each tile. I have 90. It was the most tedious part of the work. Be sure that the rectangles were identical or seems to be, from one to another tile. Once, I was done with this process, I painted the empty spot. Each color is mixed & unique in the fact that as a close look at the piece, you can distinguish the brush-print. It makes the color translucent and softer. When it was dry. I removed the tape. The next step was to clean up the color that has dripped underneath the tape. I had love this step to work on the details, for each of the 90 tiles. On top of these color spot, I have applied a varnish coating. To make the re-installation easier & I have put a number on the back of each tile. The final step was to package each one of them for transportation.

Spiral is a floor installation where color combination connects one tile to another. It is like a message is transmitted in one way or the other. Changing the tile's position is impossible or it will break the continuity of the line. The material is white, shiny and crisp fabricated in a factory. The added color hint is transparent, man-made and with some accidents here and there. The spiral shape gave the impression that this work is in movement, going inside from out, or outside from in, depending in which direction the viewer walks around the work.

As a conclusion, I want to extend that, at the moment I am self-studying the work of Richard Long & Carl Andre. At the opposite of my work, they are using raw materials, organizing them into the space and without man-made color intervention.

And, Hyperallergic wrote a post about the exhibition. Go read it!