New Body of Works

Today, I just published a founding campaign for a new body of works that I want to create.

"Perfect/Imperfect" can be understood as neither perfect nor imperfect. It is an attempt by the artist to start a dialogue between the surface (wall, canvas, object...) and the visual content (color, shape, marking).

I want to create this new body of work, involving new techniques & make it available for exhibitions opportunities. Some shows are already scheduled: "The Trees" (edition 2) will be shown at the "Ringling Underground" event in Tampa, next April 2015, within the Ringling Museum's coutyard. A solo exhibition, with a gallery in Orlando is also under consideration.

This body of works is composed of 8 projects:

  • Video, The ball: A textured sphere will follow a black/white spiral, entering into the scene from outside to the center, and vice versa. This video will be projected on a wall and will play in loop.
  • Neon light, Ovolites: pink neon with a spiral shape. Size: 30x30 inches.
  • Installation, The Trees: Installation/sculpture composed of multiples laser cut Birchwood pieces, hand-painted. The elements are attached together with some wing nuts/screws in brass color. I plan to have 200 laser-cut elements to create 4-5 main modules of different sizes. 
  • Installation, Leaf: It is a flat work standing by itself against a wall. It will use some plastic laser-cute; I am still looking for the appropriate material with the right thickness.
  • Floor Installation, Petals: It is a floor installation made of hand-cut/hand-painted with acrylic painting of 3 branches modules.
  • Print, P/I: Its is a c-print, mounted on Plexiglas, of a digital work showing a black/white spiral with a pink blurred halo coming from the center.
  • Sculpture Flags: It is free standing object, made of 5 feet wood bars wearing a geometric pattern printed on fabric. The wood legs will be hand-painted in pink or alternative color depending the overall body of works. (preview to come)
  • Paintings Circular Invertebrate: 5 large-scale paintings on canvas, with sizes ranging from 24x48 inches to 40x40 inches on canvas.

This new body of work is a departure of my previous works. I want to involve new techniques so some outside skills are needed. I have chosen a company based in the UK for the laser-cut work. A first batches of 30 elements will be done very soon. A studio in NY will do the c-print. I am still looking for a neon shop.

Help me to create these new works & bring my work to a new level!

Thank You!