Within few minutes to unfold a new year, I will write the last post of 2 0 1 4. It has been an interesting one, with multiples facets. A lot of new connections, a lot of doubts and questions, a lot of joy, a lot of cries, a lot of I do nothing, a lot of I am a night owl. At the end, I have accepted my artistic vision, the work done and the dreams of tomorrows.

I am ending/starting the year with a first ever Kickstarter campaign, presenting a new path in my art practice.

For 2 0 1 5, I will go to art openings, I will cook more & will learn new dishes, I will walk on the morning or at night, I will curate a show, I will do nothing or think, I will do a lot until I cannot. I will be better, I will learn, I will share.

Enjoy 2 0 1 5, because it is right there.