intrinsic_Intrinsic_2011_9x14 feet_bamboo skewers, polystyrene balls..jpg

6 hours and a half later… It was great to meet the public and the artists. A fantastic spirit! A special merci to the FMWA’s team. 

Materials of our daily life are used to create this installation. More than 125 hand-painted bamboo sticks are inserted into each polysterne ball. The installation process ends when the empty space is totally filled, based on a triangle grid, with the juxtaposition of 25 modules. At first glance, it looks like a field of dried tumbleweeds like the Hitchcock’s movies. Observing more closely, they become kind aand all memories of past anxiety disappear. Over 3000 bamboo sticks and 25 polysterene balls compose this work. This installation requires 6 hours and a half to be completed.

Intrinsic_2011_9x14 feet_bamboo skewers, polystyrene balls.

In view at the Florida Museum for Women Artists, in Deland FL, from July 16 to Sept 3, 2011. FMWA