I am happy to announce that I have a new interview on CREATIVE AND BUSY, blog written by the wonderful Julija Kaselyte.

Please have a look to her blog!

Her it is:

Florida based French contemporary artist Nathalie Chikhi says that creative ideas come easily just by doing usual things in the kitchen or in the bathroom. The most exciting thing recently - she just had the first solo exhibition in States. And the thing what I love most about her works of art is a feeling that I could look at them forever. Pleasant to the eye. Colorful. Captivating. 

Julija: Could you describe your art shortly?

Nathalie: My art practice is mainly experimental. So the final work evolves various parameters like a preference for abstraction, the use of basic shapes, a presence or absence of color and different kind of materials.

J: What motivates you to create?

N: Escaping a feeling of being bored and discover-rediscover a new function to a basic material are the main motors to keep creating. I just do what I want to do without any compromises. I mean if someone would love it, would buy it.

J: How does your workplace look like?

N: Right now, it it is quite messy, but not too much! I can still work/switch between 3 different works. X over y is hanging on the wall; a series of drawing for a textile sculpture is stacked in a pile and nearby is standing Homage to Donald Judd’s sculpture. Well, this last one was only a digital work until few days ago, now it is a real object.

J: Describe your creating process.

N: Sometimes ideas/images pop up in my mind when I am washing dishes, taking a shower. So right after, I draft the stuff on paper/post-it using point pen, graphite or anything else I can find. The next step is to create the work also requires some trips to the supermarket or construction shop. After that it is all fun, just do it and watch it. Is it right? Do I feel something about it? If yes, I complete the work.

J: What materials do you use?

N: I use various materials, the ones I can afford today.

J: And where we could see your works now?

N: Recently, I had a group show focusing on installation done by women artists. It was fabulous! The exhibition was at the Florida for Women Artists in Deland, FL. My first solo in the States at Twelve 21 Gallery in Orlando is still running & only few days left! Very much colorful popsicles, gold pieces and installation (foil objects on a pink felt rug)!

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