Variance-Invariance as a closure

Variance-Invariance came to me at the time where I was on the way to move out of my home to a new place. Judy Rushin’s work is the last work that will be done at my soon to be past domestic place. Her work is a closure to a place full of memories. Judy sent to me and other protagonists a series of colored panels that you could manipulate, as you would like. After opening the box, I took a deep dive across these colorful striped panels. I arranged the composition, on this raw carpeted floor, around a vertebral column composed of three identical elongated surfaces. From there, three pieces stood up and the other ones were left flat on the floor. Deliberately, the screws, which were usually used to assemble the panels together, are left for this performance untouched.

To know more about Judy Rushin's works, visit her website:
and participate in her project, Variance-Invariance.

Nathalie Chikhi1 Comment