After I was reading an article about consistency/inconsistency in UI design, it made me to think about my artwork. I felt connected to this article in a way that It was reflecting some recurring elements in my art practice.

Most of the time, particularly in my installation works, I draw an invisible grid which I use as a framework to install some elements. This grid is, in my mind, perfect within its own proportion. I don't want to use a ruler. I want to insert some imperfection into the system. It seems that I want to organize a chaos, keep it under control. Regular shapes are imperfectly cut or perfect shapes are imperfectly assembled together. The common denominator is color arrangement or complete disorder but both express a feeling of a conscious arrangement. A joyful one.

Experimentations & accidents with a lot of trials/errors are part of the process. I want to find something, exciting, new to me. At some point, I may dislike the final work but few years later, I may love it again.

When I was a kid, I had no clue what it was to be an artist, since nobody in my family was in the art world.  I remember reading some encyclopedia and was particularly interested in painting, architecture and costumes. I started to draw on my bedroom's wall & school's notebooks.

Today, I want to understand my work more deeply. Why I do the things I do in a certain way. How I could do differently. What kind of thoughts are crossing the viewers' mind when they are looking at my work. Do I want to focus on a particular medium or material. Which is the common character in my favorite artists' work. Why I have a somehow disinterest with the action of painting on a definite surface and a deep fascination with installations (even when a space is limited). 

If i step back for a bit, I may have already started to embrace both practices, unconsciously.