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The Creative Circle

The Creative Circle — is a private online community for Creatives, Designers & Artists, with an affinity towards modern & contemporary aesthetic, who want to be successful in their chosen endeavor.

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What to expect,
when joining the Creative Circle
In this private community, you will learn about how to maintain a studio/design practice, how to create your brand & how to establish your online art/design business. You will get full access to videos, tutorials & written articles:
  • Build the solid foundations of your art career.

  • Know where to find inspirations.

  • Get some educative resources (books, materials & art supplies.

  • How to find your Collectors & Buyers.

  • Private space with videos and digital PDFs.

  • Weekly new content.

  • Monthly workshop from the art studio with Nathalie.

  • How to set up your art studio practices.

  • Art specific site installation: how-to, from concept to exhibition.

  • How to stay organized & balancing studio management & art production.

  • Monthly Art Challenges.

  • Online curated exhibitions from our members.

  • Art critiques from our members art submission.

  • How to add additional incomes to your business.

  • Free templates (Social medias, Resume, Icons..)

  • Connect with a supportive artistic online community.

  • Learn some basic knowledge about Branding & Web design.

  • Expect growth, by following a plan of actions & daily tasks.

  • How to balance personal life & artistic purpose.

  • Tips & habits to stay motivated & inspired.

  • Bi-monthly portfolio & website critique of our members.

  • Monthly interview of Artists, Creatives & Curators.

  • Tips for building some strong body of works.

  • How to create your NFTs.

  • Discover Call for Artists & exhibitions opportunities.

  • Book Club.

  • Online Workshop from our members & guests.

  • How to start your own podcast.

  • Get your work selected for art shows.

  • Receive monthly available Call for Artists.


 As creative individual, it can be hard to find balance between our passion — being an artist, and our daily activities. The Creative Circle is here to help you find balance, prioritize & organize your tasks and do what matters most for your art business. After 10 years as a professional artist, I’ve decided to share what I learnt from my own experience.

Do you know that 10 years ago, I was barely speaking english, started my career from scratch, in a new country, with no money. Well, if I did that, I’m sure you can do it too.

I understand that we have all some setbacks and life throws at us some challenges but as a creative individual, you have a gift that you can nurture, grow & share with others through your works of art.

The Creative Circle is a thoughtful community where you can share your work, get mindful feedback & help you to be consistent with creating new works.


Get access to all the resources: from art materials, to books and videos

From books that I’ve read, the ones that you need to have in your library, or my preferred art materials & supplies… I will share with you all my favorite resources for you to learn from & nurture your artistic voice.

Learn about Marketing, Branding & Website

Your work needs to be seen! Let’s me share with you, all the tools & softwares that I’m currently using to make my work available on the marketplace. From photo-shooting, to colors treatment to website and newsletter, you will know all my secrets!

Take bold actions & Be creative
in the art studio

A lot of things happen in the studio, when everyone is not watching — and I think it is a powerful & necessary time to find your own voice, while the outside world is busy. Where & how to start igniting your creativity.

Be an influential Member of the creative community

Our peers (& family) are our best guardians & advisors, along your creative journey. This private community will help you & will support each other towards a flourishing art career. Mindfulness & respect are our core believes and at the center of this community.

Start today. Don't wait another day. Take bold actions. Make mistakes. Experiment and learn.


A creative community for artists created
by an artist & designer.